Spyier Reviews: What Everyone Needs to Know Before Diving In

Gone are those days only professional agencies and Hollywood movies flaunted those spy software, today even a regular guy can make use of those high-end apps.

If you just do a quick search on Google, you’ll be amazed to see hundreds of such mobile spy apps are available, which you can just download and start using to spy on someon’s without installing software on the target phone, and the best part is, those won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Now, what if we tell you that you can start using a spy app without targert phone even for free – yes, some of them are absolutely free, while many others offer you a fixed trial period for you to test the full functionality before they charge your card.

Free vs. paid, what you should choose if you’re serious about spying

If you are a parent and don’t want to wonder where your kids are and what they are doing while you’re at work, you will need a professional solution, meaning a spy app that will work like they should do, and not like an amateurish prank app.

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Most of the apps that are freely available to download lack the major spying functionalities, which essentially makes them mere novelty things that you can use to surprise your friends or to have some fun.


But if your requirements demand a more specialized solution, then you must choose a premium spy tool that will enable you to track someone’s mobile remotely without raising any suspicion in the victim’s mind.

In this article, we will talk about Spyier, which is one of the most popular mobile spy software you can find in the market right now and will discuss its core features, functionalities, pros, and cons so that you know what’s in the box before you take the plunge to purchase a subscription.

So, without further delay, let’s get started with our Spyier review.

Spyier Overview

Device compatibility

Spyier was designed to help the parents while keeping their unique needs in mind so that they can keep an eye on their children when they are not around.

This parental control app works on both mobile platforms – iOS, and Android. Obviously, due to the sheer volume of Android phones in the market compared to iPhones, the Android version of Spyier is more popular than the iOS version.


That doesn’t mean the iOS version in any way – inferior. In fact, it’s one of the very few android spy apps that have identical features and capabilities and works equally well in both types of devices.

Core functionalities

Spyier isn’t a single piece of tool, it actually consists of two different software – one is the primary tool that works from the victim’s phone and does the actual spying.

The other software is basically a monitoring dashboard protected by a password that you can use from any PC, or mobile device to receive real-time alerts from the core tool and review the monitoring reports as well.

How to get started with Spyier 

There’s nothing complicated about Spyier if you want to get started. All you need to do is to go to their official website, select a subscription option as per your requirement, and pay.


Once you’re done with the purchasing, you want to install the app in the target device. Make sure the person doesn’t know that you’re going to install a spy app in his/her phone, otherwise there’s no point putting a spy tool, right?

If the device belongs to your kid, it should be easy for you to take the device and install the same without letting him or her know. But if you want to spy on your employees, things won’t be so easy. Hence, keep this in mind before you commit to a subscription.

Setting the whole thing up

Now, check your email, and two emails should have been waiting for you there – one is the payment confirmation email, and another would contain an email confirmation link.

Click on that link, and it will take you to the confirmation page. Recheck your email, and now you’ll have another email with necessary account details. It’s pretty much a standard procedure that you typically follow for most kinds of account creation online.


After the successful account set up, follow the dashboard link from the account details email. Login to that link, and you’ll be presented with a full array of monitoring report sections. Save the link as a bookmark, or even better if you can remember it.

Installation of the core app

Download the core app from the official website on the phone you want to monitor. Follow the standard installation process that you do with any other app, and that’s it.

Once installed, you now want to hide the app from the phone so that the owner doesn’t realize that she or he is being monitored. In order to do that, you’ll have to select the option named “icon is useless, I don’t need it.”

Or in case you want to keep the app on the app drawer of your phone (don’t know why you’d want to that unless you’re installing it in your phone to test the software), just select the other option “I’d like to keep the icon.”

Spyier – Key features

Location monitoring

This is the most basic and probably the most essential element of a parental monitoring tool. Being aware of your kid’s location whenever you want could ease a great deal of anxiety and fear from a parent’s mind, and Spyier does precisely that.


You’ll be get notified of every location change in real-time, or you may check them anytime from your dashboard as full location history of any given period will be available on your account dashboard.


It’s another useful thing for the worrying parents who want their children to stay within a particular area, and if they try to go outside of the location – you’ll receive a notification.

Do you want to know if your underaged son really went for a sleepover in his friend’s home as he promised, and not getting involved in some “fun” activities in some other place?

Then activate the “Geofencing” option on your dashboard and have peace of mind knowing that if he ever violates the area boundary, you’ll know that instantly on your phone.

Messaging and call logs

No matter what messages your children are receiving or sending, and with whom the messages are being exchanged, you’ll know them all.


You can read text messages from another phone without them knowing, and the phone numbers involved on your dashboard. Similarly, full call logs will be reported too.


Another useful feature of Spyier and this will record every keystroke the target person type on his/her phone.

That means you’ll know every password of every account and every message on a chatbox – basically, every single stroke on the keyboard will be recorded for you to view.

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Spyier – System requirement


Any version on and above 4.0 can run Spyier efficiently. Having said that, you really shouldn’t use a very old version of Android phone if you want everything to work smoothly without any hiccup.


Devices running version 8.0 or above would be fine. You need to turn the two-factor authentication off, and the Apple ID and password will be required.


The best alternative to Spyier – NEXSPY

Spyier is an excellent piece of a tool when it comes to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing, but it’s not alone in the market which could do that.

There are plenty of options for buyers, and one must be aware of them before they choose a particular software. We have reviewed several other similar spyware, and some of them can give Spyier a run for its money if you compare them neck-to-neck.

One such app is NEXSPY, and that seems to be a serious contender of Spyier . Let’s have a look at it to see if it can hold against Spyier in terms of the critical factors, like features, ease-of-use, affordability, etc.

NEXSPY Overview

In our testing lab, we have used both Spyier and NEXSPY back to back to compare their features and usability.


We then further used both of them in real-life situations so that we understand how they work in different circumstances when it comes to the actual users.

From our detailed analysis and thorough testing, we have found that NEXSPY is the only monitoring app that can be pitted against Spyier . But is it a better choice? Let’s find out in this in-depth review.


When it comes to compatibility, NEXSPY scores higher than the Spyier as it’s not only a mobile monitoring app, it’s a full-fledged multi-device spy app that works in Windows PC and Mac too, along with common mobile platforms.

In that sense, it’s a total package that can be used to monitor a target person regardless of what device he or she is using.


Similar to Spyier, NEXSPY makes use of two software to complete the total monitoring system. You can use the account dashboard in any device with an internet connection, and the core tool needs to be installed in the target device – just like Spyier.


Other than some minor aesthetic differences, both Spyier and NEXSPY have almost similar software functionalities. 

How it works – Installation and set up

If you have gone through the Spyier details above, you already know it. From installing the core tool in the target device to the setting up the total monitoring system (from making the payment to log in to the account dashboard for the first time), both of them offer similar user experience in terms of convenience – nothing to complain here.

NEXSPY vs. Spyier: Essential features comparison

Multi-device compatibility

While Spyier is a great iPhone spy app, it’s a mere mobile monitoring tool – where NEXSPY offers a full-spectrum of device compatibility including, Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad both).


Monitoring someone’s mobile may seem enough in most of the cases, but for the parents who don’t want to compromise with their kid’s security even a tiny bit, we would definitely recommend them to opt for the NEXSPY monitoring suite.

360-degree call monitoring

Spyier can copy contact book, record regular calls, and monitor the full calling history, just like any other decent premium spy tool.

However, it lacks the unique features that NEXSPY offers, like video call and FaceTime monitoring, VoIP call recording, etc. Therefore, with NEXSPY, you’d be one step ahead in the game of spying.


It’s crucial as with the increasing technological advancement in mobile communication, people are using conventional communication methods less than alternatives like VoIP, FaceTime, etc.

A vast array of social media platforms and messaging app

Sure, Spyier would spy on the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, and most likely, that will be more than sufficient for you.

However, children these days are not limited to a few conventional social platforms anymore as they are exploring many other comparatively lesser-known social messaging apps that you probably never heard of.


NEXSPY is a brand new monitoring tool, and it comes with the monitoring ability for almost every social platform that popped up in the market in last few years, including Telegram, Hike, Wechat, etc., which makes it a far comprehensive spying software than Spyier.

Remote deactivation and uninstallation

This vital feature makes NEXSPY a few leagues ahead than the Spyier. With NEXSPY, you can deactivate and even uninstall the core application from the target device if you suspect the victim can find out what you’re doing with his/her phone.

Although there’s no obvious way to tell a person is being spied as NEXSPY can stay well-hidden inside the phone, but there are still some symptoms (like excessive data usage, faster battery draining, etc. as the spy app working behind 24×7) that can raise suspicion.


To save yourself from such a situation, and to get rid of every trace from the target phone, you can send command from your account dashboard to the core app, and it will deactivate and uninstall itself from the device for good.

There will be no trace left by which it can be proved that the device was being spied ever; therefore, you’ll be safe and secured from any potential allegation.

NEXSPY and Spyier: Price comparison

Both the software belong to the premium category, and they don’t come cheap. However, if you compare their pricing structure, Spyier has one single price, $49.99 per month, which is very straightforward approach.

Now, head over to the NEXSPY site, and there you’ll have three pricing options to choose from. The cheapest option is the yearly plan which is $19 per month, and the most expensive option is the monthly plan which will cost you $39 every month.


Wrapping it up

At this point, we think it has been clear to you already which software you should choose. Yes, it’s the NEXSPY, and why not! It can do everything Spyier can do, and many more.

Most importantly, its core codebase is much more technologically superior as it has been launched just recently compared to the age-old Spyier.

And as the icing on the cake, it’s way cheaper than the Spyier. Therefore, we can almost blindly recommend NEXSPY over Spyier any day, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t think the same way.


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