How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone?

Do you think that your partner’s behavior changed for the last few weeks? Are they seem to be hiding something from you? Are they suddenly started keeping their phone out of your reach which you have never seen before? Perhaps it’s not your partner, but you’re worried about your children as they are behaving strangely recently. It can be your employer as well whom you trust in your business, but now you suspect something fishy is going on. 

It can be anybody who is close to you and your relationship with her or him matters to you. So, what should you do in such cases? Well, I don’t know about a few years back, but today there’s a great solution that can help you in this case. 


What if I tell you that you can spy on their phones, check their messages, view the call logs, see each email they sent or received, And most importantly, who they are communicating with, in WhatsApp, and the detailed chat and voice record of an entire WhatsApp conversation. And all of them can be done remotely without any physical access to the phone. 

The best part is, the target person won’t have the slightest idea that his device is being spied on as what I’m going to tell you now, works while hiding from the plain sight, in stealth mode.  Welcome to the fascinating world of phone monitoring apps, and if you’ve ever wondered how to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone, this is the answer. 

Top 4 WhatsApp spy apps in 2021 

Today we are going to tell you about 4 spy apps for Android and iOs that can be extremely useful if you want to know a person’s whereabout of every moment in real-time. So, let get started with today’s article.


NEXSPY is a relatively new entry in the WhatsApp spy tool market; hence it uses the latest technology, unlike other monitoring tools that are pretty outdated. It accesses and monitors all the communications through phone calls, messages, emails, WhatsApp, etc., and saves the data to your secret user account dashboard. Once installed, it starts working while hiding itself from plain sight, thanks to its stealth mode technology, so that the victims never get to have a shred of a doubt that they are being intercepted. This feature alone makes it truly invincible when it comes to spying on a smartphone.



If you’re in search of the best WhatsApp hacking app, you want to check its features first before you put your money on the table. After all, there are so many apps in the market, and each one claims to be the number one phone monitoring app – it’s crucial to know which one is best for you depending on your target device type, the feature it is offering, aftersales support, and of course, the pricing. 

NEXSPY features all the basic functions a spy tool should offer plus some cool bells and whistles, including the following – 

WhatsApp monitoring: Monitoring WhatsApp instantaneously is an incredible feature in itself that not many spy apps are capable of offering. Thanks to NEXSPY’s state-of-the-art technology, it introduced this amazing feature recently. You can listen to their WhatApp calling and read every chat message they typed. 

Monitoring Call/SMS/MMS/Gmail: NEXSPY is an efficient spy app that monitors text messages, call history, MMS, and Gmail in real-time, so there’s no way you will miss any communication done in the target device.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Tracking VoIP Calls: Not only a conventional phone conversation but NEXSPY can also let you listen to the calls made through VoIP platforms.

Real-time monitoring and data saving: If the person you’re targeting wipes every evidence from her phone like deletes call logs, text messages, and chat history – there’s nothing to be worried about. NEXSPY tracks in real-time, so no matter how quick they are in wiping logs, it will get saved securely in your control panel. 

Tracking instant messaging apps: People today use more and more IM messaging platforms to communicate with others instead of traditional calling and messaging, so NEXSPY is also equipped with technologies that enable you to access the chat and conversation history in the device it is installed.

Ambiance spying: Even when the victim is not using her phone, you can remotely activate its camera and microphone and listen to whatever conversation she is doing with others face-to-face in real-time. Moreover, you can record live videos and save them to your account for viewing at a later time.

Tracking a huge list of social platforms: Most other spy tools offer this feature, but only to a limited extent with just a few platforms. NEXSPY is the only monitoring app that covers almost every popular social media, including Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Viber, Skype, Tinder, and others, and no other spy tool can ever cover such a vast range of social platforms. 


Geo-Fencing with GPS monitoring: NEXSPY, with its real-time GPS tracking system, alerts your mobile at the moment when the target device crosses a pre-set virtual parameter or Geo-Fencing. Every time the victim breaks the virtual fencing, NEXSPY logs the timestamp and save the details in your account. 


NEXSPY offers 3 subscription options, monthly, quarterly, and yearly; and while the least priced plan starts with $19 per month (yearly commitment is necessary), the most expensive one is available for only $39 per month (if you go for a monthly deal).


NEXSPY, being the youngest in our list, is the most versatile spy software when it comes to compatibility with options for Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

Pre and after-sales support: NEXSPY support is nothing sort of amazing with a 24×7 live-chat option on their official website along with email and phone support as well.


if you’re in a relationship and you need to be able to find out for sure if your spouse or your loved one or your partner is in a situation where she or he might be not so faithful, you definitely want to check mSpy out, which is one of the top spy tools currently available in the market, in order to spy on their WhatsApp conversations, read someone’s text messages, spy on phone calls, and everything else they are doing on the smartphone to be on the safer side rather being sorry. 

When it comes to monitoring a person mSpy excels in every category – be it its functionalities, affordable pricing or great support from the developer. Some of its other crucial features are as follows –


Location History: mSpy records the location history in real-time by its GPS monitoring feature with date and time and save the information in your dashboard.

Internet Activity: With mSpy, you can access the detailed browsing history of the target device within a selected period in your control panel.

Installed Applications: What applications they installed, when and how much time they spent on a particular application, and exactly what they were doing with it – every bit of info will be ready for you inside the user dashboard.


It’s absolutely necessary that you know what your kids are doing when they are not under your active watch, especially with their smartphones. Or sometimes you might want to know with whom your partner is talking in WhatsApp for so long. You want to ensure that your spouse is absolutely faithful to you or your kids are not doing anything online that you don’t want them doing. 


In the cases mentioned here, and in every other situation where you need to monitor somebody’s phone and WhatsApp communications, iKeyMonitor can be one safe bet to rely on. It’s a great tracking app for not only checking someone’s WhatsApp messages but their complete call history, message log, email conversation, GPS location history, and many more. Some of its prominent features are as follows –

Keylogger: iKeyMonitor logs every key pressed by the user on their phone, meaning whatever they type with their phone keyboard – be it a password or an entire email, you will know each and all of them.

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Hidden state: iKeyMonitor stays completely hidden in a device and it does not require too much processing power or battery consumption to work, thanks to its power-efficient technology that helps it to operate under the radar.

Media files inside the phone: iKeyMonitor will let you know whenever a new photo or a video saved in the phone, or you can have all their files copied in your dashboard if you wish so. But beware, copying their entire storage can lead to huge data transfer and resulting in a significant monthly data bill, that can make the victim suspicious about their phone.

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When it comes to WhatsApp spy app, Clevguard must be included in the list, and for many good reasons. Clevguard offers one of the best parental control tools money can buy, KidsGuard Pro, and it’s a feature-rich spy app for the smartphones in the disguise of a mere parental control tool as it does far more and beyond that. Compared to its competitors, KidsGuard Pro is absolutely a steal if you consider the price with only $8.32 monthly cost if you go by the annual plan. Coming to its features, and some of them are –


Address Book: KidsGuard Pro can access the address book on the device, and it will notify you whenever the user modifies it.

Ambiance listening and recording: It’s another cool feature offered by KidsGuard Pro which you usually see in a more expensive monitoring suit. With this function, a target device can be controlled by you remotely, and its microphone and camera can be activated silently enabling you to listen to the surroundings of the device and record simultaneously.

Device screenshot: What if you could know what application or website your kid is accessing right now? KidsGuard Pro can send you screenshots of the device if it’s being operated at that time.

SIM Change Alert: If the sim card has been removed and a new sim inserted in the device, you are going to get a notification instantly, keeping you one step ahead in your mobile monitoring game.

Last few words: The best WhatsApp spy app

All the tools we mentioned here are amazing in what they do primarily, which is actively monitoring the target device in real-time. However, if you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp messages without installing on target phone, that’s simply not possible – at least at this very moment. You somehow need to manage the installation part to spy on WhatsApp messages.


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