How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software?

The rapid growth of mobile communication along with the vast expansion of internet connectivity has shrunk the world into a small village. This has opened various channels for information to flow across different regions, religions, and cultures.

This sharing of information has helped people from different parts of the world to come closer and understand each other better.


Mobile phones, in the process, have gained a lot of popularity and have become one of the most important tools in our personal and professional lives.

We get access to a lot of useful information on this handy tool. Moreover, it allows us to do a lot of personal and business-related transactions with ease.

The price of comfort

Every comfort comes with a price and this technology is no exception. Firstly, the very vastness of the information makes it very difficult to control the quality of the information.

Secondly, we may not fully control the misuse of this information. The risk of misusing increases further as the information available has a lot of personal and confidential data in it.

Lack of control of information makes it difficult to prevent kids from viewing content not appropriate to them. And such uncontrolled content may misguide them. Secondly, kids may fall easy prey to cyberbullying.


Employees may be another target for those involved in cybercrimes owing to the kind of business information they carry with them on their mobiles. By attacking these employees cyber criminals may get hold of a lot of secret business information and misuse this information for their gain.

Therefore, it becomes very important to safeguard the under-aged kids and the employees from these dangers. This triggers the need for a method that may control the quality of viewable content and may monitor cyber activities performed through the device.

Is there a solution?

Yes, monitoring the digital activities of a mobile device through another device is possible – this is called spying.

Spying provides a solution to both the above concerns. You may monitor contacts, incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and social media conversation.


You may also track the location of the target phone, get access to the gallery, restrict viewing on the target device and even set different alerts on specified activities.

Before we move further, we recommend you to ensure to have mutual consent of the individual who you are spying on. Also, check and abide by the laws prevailing in your local area pertaining to the digital spying.

iPhone spy without access to target phone

Many claims to spy on iPhone with just number which is not possible. You need to install a spy app to spy on a device. On an iPhone, the spy app may either be installed directly on the target device or may be installed remotely.

For directly installing the app you need to have physical access to the phone. However, as downloading apps in iPhones is restricted, it is difficult to download a spy app on it. So, the only way to download the app on the device is by jailbreaking the device.


There are some apps that claim to install the app without jailbreaking but they provide highly restricted features for monitoring. However, if you jailbreak your iPhone you may not get the support & services of Apple for your device.

So, How can I spy on a cell Phone without installing software on the target phone? This may be done through the iCloud credentials. However, it is very difficult to get the iCloud credentials of the target device. So, installing spyware for iPhone without access to target phone is not as easy as it sounds.

Therefore, the more practical option is to have the physical access of the target device and jailbreak it before installing the spy app. This would allow you to access most of the activities of the target device and would give you the best monitoring & viewing experience.

How to choose the right one?

Many iPhone spy apps providers claim to have great features for spying iPhones. This makes it very difficult for the users to choose the right one suitable for their specific needs. Here are different criteria you may apply and choose the best suitable for your needs:


Spy apps may be compatible with both Android and iOS devices or with either of the two. Moreover, they have compatibility with the specific versions of the operating system. Choose the app which is compatible with your target device.


Jailbreaking or no-jailbreaking

Most of the spy apps perform on the jailbreak iPhones. Apps that work on no-jailbreak devices have restricted features for spying. Compare with your requirements and select accordingly.


A spy app may monitor a lot of activities of the target device. Some spy apps provide monitoring of only the basic features like call log, text messages, contacts, and GPS location.

While others are highly advanced and support ambient recording, recording live calls, capturing live cameras, Keylogger, and Geofencing, etc. You may select services as per your needs.

Price & payment options

Most of the spy apps provide packages with different price ranges. Different packages have different features.

Moreover, they offer you to pay at different frequencies viz: one-time, monthly, quarterly or annually. You may select an optimum package for yourself. Some apps provide an “iPhone spy app free trial offer” for specified periods.

Single or multiple devices

If you are a parent of a single child you may require to spy only on a single device while for an employer a multiple device spying option would be more suitable. Select as per your specific needs.


Ease of installation & operation

Some spy apps provide very clear instructions to install and are programmed such that the installation process is very smooth. Some apps are really difficult to install and may leave its users frustrated.

Similarly, some apps have a very user-friendly interface and even a non-technical user may operate the app with ease. Some of the software designs may require some knowhow before operating them. Review thoroughly on these criteria before making a purchase.

Customer support

This is one of the most important criteria in selecting the product. Many of the spy app services thrive on their excellent customer services. Get sufficient inputs about the customer support provided by the service provider.

How to spy on iPhone remotely through NEXSPY 

NEXSPY is one of the best spy apps for iPhone that work equally efficiently on iOS as well as Android devices. It is one of the most effective spying apps available in the market.

NEXSPY fits in almost every criteria of the spy app selection. It provides its customers with true value for their money. With the most advanced range of features, it allows you to monitor almost everything of the target device.

It is highly reliable and consistent in its operation. With a very user-friendly interface, parents, in particular, find NEXSPY very easy to operate.


Physical access to the target device is essential to install NEXSPY, whether Android or iOS. It has options both for rooted and unrooted Android devices while having restricted features for the rooted devices. The iOS device has to be jailbroken before installing NEXSPY.

Many of its advanced features make NEXSPY unique and keep it ahead of its competitors. It is available in different plans and packages with various offers while catering to a big range of customer needs.

NEXSPY’s Features

With more than 50 useful features, NEXSPY provides its customers with a highly satisfying experience. Some of the basic and advanced features are briefly explained here for more clarity.

Contacts, Calls & Messages

NEXSPY accesses contacts list, incoming, outgoing and missed calls, SMS, MMS, and iMessages including the deleted messages. It tracks email inbox and also monitors VoIP calls of different VoIP apps and records them remotely.


Network Tracking

NEXSPY tracks connected networks to the device. It also keeps a record of the time whenever the device is connected to any network and also the location of the connections. It also keeps details of browsed & bookmarked sites.

Social Media

It supports in keeping records of all the conversations of various social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and WeChat, etc. It keeps logs of all calls, messages, photos, videos, etc. of these apps.

Location Tracking

It builds a location history of the target device and may identify the most visited locations. Moreover, NEXSPY’s Geofencing feature allows notifying each time the target device enters or leaves a pre-specified location. It is a very useful feature for the parents of under-aged kids.


Application Usage

It monitors the target device’s gallery items like pictures, albums, videos, etc. Moreover, it may access the calendar, alarms, and details of all installed apps


Each & every key pressed on the target device is recorded and a log is made.

SIM card change

A notification is sent whenever the SIM card of the target device is changed.

Call alert

You may set specific contact nos. and NEXSPY will notify you as soon as the target device comes in contact with that contact no.

Keyword alert

Similarly, you may specify a few keywords. Whenever those keywords are seen on the device you would be sent an alert.


Remote control

You may remotely control the target device through the dashboard. Restarting the target device remotely and sending remote SMS commands with no internet connectivity is also possible. You may remotely deactivate, uninstall and update NEXSPY on the target device.

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Customer Support

NEXSPY has a very comprehensive and informative website to educate its customers on the products and services. In addition, they have a highly qualified technical support team that offers 24/7 customer support through chats and emails.


The installation of NEXSPY is pretty straight-forward and simple. Here is the step-by-step method for installation on an iPhone device.

Purchase the NEXSPY Premium License for iPhone by visiting the pricing page of the NEXSPY website, select a suitable iPhone plan.

  • You will receive login credentials to the email address you provided while purchasing.
  • Use these credentials to log in to your account through the NEXSPY official website.
  • Have physical access to the target phone.
  • Jailbreak the target device.
  • Select the installation mode and follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Once the app is installed, allow it to sync.
  • Start monitoring activities of the target device.


In this article, we discussed that the growth in mobile communication and the internet has significantly eased our lives. However, this uncontrolled growth has also posed some serious threats to the safety of our personal information.

We also realized need to protect our under-aged kids and the employees from potential cyber-attacks and how spying may help us in this effort.

Further, we learned how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing, and the difficulties in executing it. We also looked at other practical options for installing the spy app without target phone.

Realizing the difficulty in selecting the right app, we discussed different criteria to shortlist suitable options. We then introduced the top spy app i.e. NEXSPY and got to know its powerful features, compatibility, and installation process.

If you are a parent, I hope that after going through this article you must be finding yourself more relaxed realizing that there is a solution to your concern about your under-aged kid’s safety.

As an employer, you would be feeling more confident about maintaining the secrecy of your business transactions.

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So, utilize the power of these features but do not forget to ensure always to get mutual consent of the individual who you are spying on. Also, check and abide by the laws prevailing in your local area pertaining to the digital spying.


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