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Spying apps have certainly caught more attention in recent years and its all thanks to the technology. There is no limitation in technology when it comes to developing new software and apps for mobiles or computers. Anyhow, there is a limitation in this technology, and that would be licensing of spying products.


Wiretapping is a federal crime and spying without the consent of any party involved in the communication is also considered a felony. However, due to high demands for more flexible parental control, the law has granted the license for spy apps. Spying apps may include mobile SMS spy, remote hardware controller or voice recording, etc.

Concerned parents usually use spying apps. It can be used to track location, view messages and call logs, check browser history or activities of the phone. Employers also use spying apps to monitor the work performances of the workers. Monitoring apps can help parents for child safety and benefit employers by checking the statistics of the employees.

How has the spying app become a necessity?

Monitoring the activities of a child is a great way to keep your children under watch nowadays. There are more than 70% of kids who have access to cell phones, and most of them have access to social media platforms.

Kids spent most of their time on the internet, and they can be easily influenced by the information they get from the internet. Although not every information is unhealthy, explicit content can affect them psychologically.


Spying apps are used to track the location, read messages or view call logs. It can also be used to control the phone remotely and without being detected. Monitoring apps also comes with extra features to uninstall apps, take screenshots or even record videos and voices.

Mobile SMS spy apps contain all the necessities for spying, and you can use them to ensure the safety of your child. These apps require an internet connection to function, and you will also need to install the apps manually on the target phone before you can start monitoring the phone.

How does mobile SMS spy apps work?

The target’s mobile phone should have access to the internet, it sends data to your registered accounts, and you can trace the activity of the phone in real-time. The law also requires you to own the target phone. You cannot spy on someone’s phone without installing software on the target phone, and these apps are installed before you can spy on them.

Spying apps provided by spying app developers are used as the control mechanisms to send data over time about the phone activity. Mobile SMS spy apps will run in the background hidden, and you can spy on SMS, emails, calls or social media without being detected. Apps such as NEXSPY and Spyier are perfect for spying. You can register and subscribe to your account at nexspy. com or Spyier. com.

Spy app without the target phone is possible on iPhone devices. But it requires you to provide the iCloud credentials and two-factor code of the target phone to be able to spy. Apps like Spyier support this feature, and it is preferred by many iPhone users across the globe.


Not just monitoring the activities of the phone, Android spy apps like NEXSPY offer extra features like remotely controlling the phone. It is a powerful app capable of complete control over the target phone.

Mobile SMS spy apps can be used anywhere; you can view messages from any browser by logging into your account. The dashboard on the spying app site provides detailed information about the activities of the phone.

The Keylogger is a very powerful feature that detects keywords typed on the keyboard. You can use Keylogger to identify specific words to ensure that you’re keeping a close watch.

Best hidden sms tracker for android


NEXSPY offers more than 50+ features to end-users with powerful capabilities to control and monitor phones. The app, however, requires users to jailbreak or root phones for full access. It is a licensed app and supports most devices available. Most popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac are all supported.

It is the best spy apps for iPhone and Androidthat allows parents to monitor and have control over their children’s phones. The smart monitoring app will enable you to monitor the phones via the web browser. Any device that is capable of running a web browser can be used to monitor the data of the target phone.


The app also features an exclusive app “Portal Viewer”; it makes your monitoring easy and comfortable. You can download the monitoring app at the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can remotely uninstall the app anytime. The app will stay hidden on the phone without showing the icon; you can secretly sms spy without access to target phone free trial. It supports the most popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and LINE, etc. Mobile SMS spy, email viewer, web browser viewer and many more.

NEXSPY is currently offering a 3-day free trial to access all of its premium features.


Spyier offers a free trial for two days, and it also supports all types of devices and operating systems. Spyier has been available on the market since 2018 and delivers a well-optimized performance. You can use Spyier to spy on iPhones without installing the app. Android devices will need installations for monitoring.

It is a web-based monitoring solution; the dashboard menu is designed for easy navigation and controls. You can monitor easily with a simple layout; the icons are arranged for easy use and indicate similar functionality like the phone menus.

You can go to Spyier[dot]com and look for demos, and the site provides all the instructions for successful installation within a few minutes.


Features of Spyier:

  • Encrypted data with high-security protection software
  • Delivers a smooth experience with real-time tracking
  • It supports popular social media apps like Snapchat, Line, Whatsapp, and Instagram, etc.
  • You can monitor texts, call logs, contacts or browsing history
  • It offers more than 50+ features to satisfy all the needs for monitoring
  • Take a screenshot and view the activity of the phone
  • The latest version allows exporting data, timeline feature, and alerts

If you are looking for a solution to monitor and ensure your child’s safety, get yourself registered at nexspy or Spyier. Subscribe for experience with smart monitoring solutions and stay safe.

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