Qustodio Parental-Control App Review


These days kids have been quite an expert with different mobile devices, this has urged the parents to use a number of different child locks and parent control apps which can be used to hide certain apps or even impose some security features on the app so that your child cannot access it. 


It can be anything like you can block a gaming app on your phone or put a lock in the gallery and much more. Parents these days are choosing such applications time and again. One such very popular application is Qustodio which is also a parental control app which can be used to enhance the security features of your device.

Is Qustodio available for free?

No, the Qustodio app is one of the best parental control apps available on the market at present but it is not available for free for any platform. 

You can read about its features to get an idea about what all you can do with the app or get in touch with someone who uses it to know about the exact advantages of the app. 


You can even go through some review articles of the app before you decide to buy it as it is on the expensive side and you need to invest quite some amount of money in order to get the app in your device. But despite the price point, it is a great app and definitely worth the money you pay.

Key features of Qustodio app

Installation: the app can be installed across a wide range of platforms like iOS, macOS, Windows 10, a google pixel 2 XL. You just need to follow the installation steps and then finish the installation. You have to create an account and then select the features that you want. Make sure you check the default options as many options are selected by default so go through that section.

App management: this is not the best part about the app as you need to select the apps you want to block from a drop-down list and this list is fixed for the Qustodio app. If you want to know what all apps are on the list then visit the Qustodio website for details. The Qustodio blocking and monitoring are allowed for about 70 apps on the iOS devices the list of which you can check out in your website.


Filtering: you can filter apps that you want to control and use 3 different options available- allow, block or alert for a particular app. Thus, it helps you to increase the efficiency of monitoring.

Time managing features: the Qustodio app also allows you to set time limits for a particular app. Say there is a game in your device so after playing the game for 30 mins or 1 hour or as per the time you fix the game will be blocked and you cannot play it any longer. This is a great feature of the Qustodio app which many parents love about the app.

Text message monitoring: the app helps to monitor all text messages and all calls that the done from the device. If you want to block calls or monitor calls that option is very much available in this Qustodio app. But the problem is that the features specific to call and message blocking differ from platform to platform providing the maximum amount of flexibility to the android users. Thus, this feature is more preferable for android users as they get a lot of variety in this aspect and can monitor and manage in a better way using the Qustodio app.

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Location tracking and reporting features: if you have the Qustodio app installed on your device then you can track the location of your child’s device. This is one of the best monitoring features that an app can have and Qustodio made sure that they worked on this issue. Thus, if you have been looking for a tracking app then also you can choose Qustodio to use this feature and many others.

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Panic button: in case of an emergency situation your child can send you, SMS or email using this feature and it is restricted to that much. The emergency number will not be dialled and the location will be shared live as long as that feature is switched on. But unfortunately, this feature is limited only to the users who have installed Qustodio on an android device. This feature is not available across any other platform which makes it less useful for many parents as they cannot take advantage of this feature by using the Qustodio app at least.


Social media monitoring: social media monitoring features are also provided via the Qustodio app and you can use it as per your convenience by logging into the Facebook account of your child. This feature is applicable across all platforms but is restricted to Facebook monitoring only. If you want to monitor your child’s activity in any other social media sites then that feature is not applicable for you while using the Qustodio app.

A great monitoring app overall

Thus, you can understand from the above-mentioned features that overall Qustodio is a great app that can be used for monitoring purposes but if you want to use the app for tracking or any social media monitoring or any other specific app monitoring then it is advisable that you visit the Qustodio app site and check out all the apps and features available if you purchase the Qustodio app. But if you are looking for a monitoring app overall and are not concerned about any particular app then you can just go ahead and trust Qustodio as it offers great monitoring in various aspects but it does not allow monitoring of every app. 

There are certain restrictions to the Qustodio app but otherwise, it is a great app. Besides Qustodio a number of other monitoring apps are also available on the market which you might find worth considering.