Norton Safety Minder – Symantec’s Best Parental Control Software

Children have the less thinking capability and cannot easily differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. Often it so happens that unknowingly children get themselves involved in either wrong things or put their hands on doing things or involving in things which are not to be done by them at this age.

For example, children playing adult games, visiting adult sites, unknowingly making online transactions, contacting people they should not contact and so on. So until and unless they reach a certain considerable age, it is necessary for parents to keep a track on their acts (like by installing best parental control software) and guide them through what is good and keep them aloof from bad things or influences.

Why should you consider parental control?

For all these problems, the one and only solution available is keeping a close check and control by the parents on the uses of the devices by their children. Of course, it is the parent’s duty and responsibility to look after their kids in all forms be it physically mentally or technologically. Keeping in mind the technological look after, technicians and innovators have come up with various types of control measures, which can help a parent in fulfilling their duties.

Today technology is the main hub, which now requires the maximum parental control through best parental control software. Smartphones and computers have taken over the traditional childhood of longing to stay outside home and enjoying life physically. Nowadays kids like to stay at home using these tech gadgets and thus are influenced in the same way. However, these tech gadgets are not bad but they must be given to be used by the children under proper supervision so that they do not get misguided.

What are parental control and parental control software?

Parental control is a system of supervising and controlling the activities of kids on a particular smart device such as a smartphone or a computer. It is a system preferred or used by parents in order to monitor their children’s activities on tech gadgets. The control measures include:

  • Checking what the kids are surfing.
  • Checking whom are they texting and what are they texting.
  • Hiding adult pages, apps, or contacts from children.
  • Keeping away sensitive details from children etc.

Though computers and televisions have inbuilt software to control kids activities by assigning specific restrictions and a watch on the activities of the allowed activities, still a computer may sometimes require the best parental control app to improve the parental control on the device. Android devices lack in this feature though Android devices are the most used device by kids. For this, there is various software to install which help in keeping a good control system.

Symantec’s Norton Safety Minder

The best Parental control software comes with a monthly or yearly subscription plan, which if subscribed, can work in all devices like phones and computers. The software is available to download for free but getting a subscription gives you access to better control facilities.

Symantec has come up with this app named Norton Safety Minder in order to fill the gap of a missing Android parental control software. This app gradually became one of the best parental control software in the whole app store. It got tremendous good reviews from users and is compatible with devices starting from devices, which have Android versions 2.2, and above. It is to be noted that currently Android 9.1 is being used in the market. Therefore, you can imagine the range of service on devices the app offer now, or the actual extent and variety of devices in which the app can be installed and used to serve its purpose.

How to Install Norton Safety Minder?

Downloading and installing the best parental control software, i.e. Norton Safety Minder is as easy as reading the English alphabet. You simply need to have an internet connection and a payment profile. Then you just have to visit the Google Play Store and search for the app and then click on Install. The app starts to download and then it is automatically installed. You open the app and click to buy the premium membership where you purchase the yearly subscription to get the total parental control services of the app.

In a PC, the after installation process is the same just that you need to download the software from Symantec’s official web page. The functions of the app are almost similar to that of the mobile but to be honest, it is more efficient to use on a smartphone.

Features of Norton Safety Minder

The best Parental control software comes with stellar features regarding parental control. However, the app is free to download from the Google Play Store and some of the basic functions can be availed free, there are some functions, which on payment of a specific income can be availed for a better parental control system. These features are worth spending a few bucks every year in consideration for the quality service it provides. The following are the features, which has made Norton Safety Minder as one of the best parental control software at present:

  • The basic features, which can be, used free are- online activity report and website blocking ability.
  • SMS/ MMS monitoring or app monitoring is also available on payment of subscription.
  • You can restrict contacts or use of some apps too if you do not wish to monitor them.
  • The app comes with a very small size of around four megabytes and thus can be used on any device however, storage filled it is.
  • The premium membership or buying the yearly subscription package works in both mobiles and computers and does not require any additional costs.

This is not the end of the features; there are many more features that make Norton Safety Minder as the oldest, most reliable for parents and the best parental control software in the Android world.