Top 5 Best Keyloggers for Android 2021 (Undetectable & No Root)

Searching and finding a good keylogger is not easy nowadays. Truth is that there are plenty of apps and software out there that claims they deliver a good job which is required from them, but not all of them are quality apps. Some apps are useful for some specific things, while others are simply not designed in the right way.

However, you should not worry because, among the so many apps out there, there are still a few good ones that can successfully deliver everything you want from them. Here you will learn more about such apps, their main characteristics, and what exactly keyloggers can do for you.


If you wonder whether there is a free keylogger for Android, then you should know that there isn’t one. Of course, there are some trial versions you can use, but they come with limited functionality and will not provide what you look for. After the trial version is over, you’ll have to pay the full price to use them.

You should not run towards free keyloggers online, regardless of how appealing they look. Always go for those apps that provide the most significant value for your money. Usually paid products are better because such keyloggers are safer to use. They are with higher quality and indeed provide everything they claim.

What exactly is a keylogger?

A keylogger is a spy tool which tells you which buttons have been clicked and pressed on the target device. If you own a keylogger for Android, then you can quickly learn which passwords are typed on the monitored smartphone. You can easily find out which passwords does the targeted person use on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and any other network.


This spy app tool is ideal for those people that want to know what their closest ones are up to. Parents can see what their children are doing with their phones and who they contact, while company owners can monitor the online behaviour of their employees. Today there are many risks in the digital world, so Android keylogger apps are useful for those that want to use them to prevent unwanted behaviour.

There are not too many quality keyloggers on the market, but the ones we have examined and compared proved to be good options for you. Here you will learn which Android keyloggers are worth using and what they can provide. To correctly rank all programs, we have used many vital points and compared different things.

How we rated these apps?


We examined what exactly these apps provide and how efficient they are.


We checked whether the apps operate smoothly and all systems or just on some.


We compared their prices and checked which apps bring the biggest value for money invested.

Customer Support

We tested their customer support to see how quickly they responded and whether their response was helpful.

Pros, Cons

Finally, we compared their positive and negative characteristics to see which one has more good sides than bad sides.

Based on all of the above, we have created the following list of best Android keyloggers for 2021.

5 best Keylogger for Android


This top-quality software provides full monitoring of the targeted device and comes with over fifty different features. We believe that if you start using this app, you will never look at other apps again.

The great thing about NEXSPY is that it can be successfully installed on any type of device, regardless if it is Android or something else. It does a great job in tracking and monitoring keystroke, so if you want your family to be safe, then you should consider getting this application.

As soon as you install NEXSPY on the targeted device, you will gain full control over the smartphone, and you can easily spy on everything. Monitoring is done through your own online portal from where you can access all things you are interested in.


NEXSPY has plenty of sweet and quality features that operate much better in comparison to other apps on the market. All features are reliable and robust, working smoothly without any interruptions.

If you want to get all benefits from NEXSPY, then you should consider purchasing one of the three different packages that are available to you. Prices are affordable for any pocket, so pick something you believe is best for your needs.

Remember that NEXSPY works as an invisible Android keylogger that can never be detected by the smartphone user. It works silently and effectively in the background of the phone, but you also have an option to unhide the app if you prefer that.

One of the best things is that you can spy on everything that is typed on the phone if the app is correctly installed. It is a really reliable and non-intrusive program that will give you access to all the important information you are interested in.


This is also a good keylogger app on the market designed for Android devices. Besides keylogger, mSpy can also read someone’s text messages, phone calls, internet history and browsing activities, apps, activity on social media and track phone’s GPS location.


There is also an excellent geo-fencing option available. When you download the app, you will receive detailed information about how to properly install it and use it on the targeted phone. It also has a trial version, but the features in the trial version are limited.


Hoverwatch Android keylogger works properly, and the monthly subscription to use it is very affordable. With this keylogger, you can access all keystrokes, text messages, chats and capture every activity that is happening on the device.


The app also records all incoming and outgoing phone calls. The good thing is that this app is undetectable, but it does not provide the same quality as the top app on this list.


With this invisible Android spy app, you can monitor all keystrokes that are happening on almost all messaging apps. You also have the option to filter keystrokes based on which application is used when the monitoring is on. The keylogging feature of XNSPY is available only for Android-operated devices, and with this app, you cannot spy on keystrokes for email addresses and passwords as it is considered illegal.


The positive side is that XNSPY has about thirty different features you can use for various purposes. When it comes to keylogging features, with XNSPY you can monitor keystrokes on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook messenger, view timestamps of keystrokes and also monitor keystrokes of those messages that were not sent or that have been deleted.


This app’s keylogger features are functional both on Android and iOS systems. It has the capability of fetching passwords that are stored in the temporary memory or local cache of the device. Some of its features include monitoring passwords and passcodes of different applications, but this is usually considered an illegal thing to do.


Spyera also monitors keystrokes that happen on certain apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or Facebook Messenger. Among other features within this app, you will find call listening in real-time, chats monitoring, email monitoring and location tracking.

The remote control functionality of the app is minimal, which is a downside of the app. That means you get to monitor specific apps, but you cannot control them. This is negative for parents that want to have full control of their children’s mobile devices.

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Main things to think about when using a keylogger

Using a keylogger to monitor activities is understandable if you are a concerned parent or if you want to track your employees. However, keyloggers are not legal everywhere, as many hackers used them for stealing passwords and private data. That is why you should always be careful about using keyloggers because of the possible negative consequences.


In some places, even just installing a spy app on the phone is considered illegal, but there is no harm if you do it for the protection of your children. Some of the mentioned apps here can monitor passwords, codes and sensitive credit card information by using a keylogger. Using keylogger should be done only for useful purposes and not for hacking because that can land you into trouble.

Conclusion: Best Android Keylogger

We believe that NEXSPY is your best option when it comes to which Android keylogger to use. It comes with some great keylogging features such as:

  • Complete invisibility
  • Downloads keystrokes together with timestamps
  • Selects and monitors specific apps of which you want to monitor the keystrokes
  • Also enables you to monitor texts, calls, multimedia files and other things


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