How to Hack Someone’s Text Messages Without Having Their Phone?

Text messages have become a part of the relationships and if you are looking to hack someone’s phone camera or read text messages on their phone, then you can. There are different phone-hacking applications available by which you can read the texts easily. All the incoming, as well as the outgoing messages from a device, can be monitored and read from your device.

This tracking of messages on other phones is made possible with the help of spy apps. If you ever wonder how to hack text messages without a target phone, these applications can help us achieve the same with fewer efforts. Once the app is installed on the device, they can be monitored and the messages can be read easily.


The best thing about these applications is that the end-user will have no idea whether they are being monitored. This is because the running application will be hidden leaving no clue on the device. Hence with these applications, you can easily read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

There are many needs for a parent to monitor their child’s activity on mobile devices. It is also very useful for employers to monitor the activities of an employee, and at many other situations.

How to hack text messages without a target phone?

Nowadays with the advancement in technology, many conversations whether it is personal or professional, are done using the chat. In most cases, people find it easy to send a text rather talking over a phone call. Hence the usage of text messages on different platforms is still prevalent among smartphone users.


Even the social media applications have in-built messaging platforms which help to have a conversation. You might wonder how to hack someone’s phone to read texts. This is made possible with the help of spying applications like NEXSPY and other similar apps. You can easily install this application on your iPhone device and monitor other device’s conversations easily.

NEXSPY – App for hacking text messages

To monitor the conversation on the target devices, NEXSPY must be first installed on your device. Following are the steps to hack text messages without access to phone:


Allowing Unknown resources on Android devices

The first step before installing the application on the target device is to enable the downloading of privacy from unknown resources. It can be found in the settings of your device.

If this option is disabled, then your device will not allow you to install these applications due to security reasons. Once it is done, you can go to the official URL to download the app on the device.

Jailbreaking your iPhone

To use NEXSPY on iPhones, the device must be jailbroken initially. For this, the downloading URL must be entered in the Cydia. Click on Add source and wait until the sources are completely added. Click Return to Cydia and select the added resource to install the application.

The installation starts after downloading the package. After installation, the iPhone hack text message can be monitored easily after providing the activation key.


Downloading the app

Now you can download NEXSPY on the target device. Before this, you need to get a key which will be asked before starting its process of monitoring on the target device. This key can be obtained from any device which will be sent to the registered email ID. NEXSPY can be downloaded from the source location on your device easily.

Run and install on the device

Once the app is downloaded, it needs to be run and installed. The installation can take up to ten minutes. After installation, when the app is opened, the first step it asks is ‘Enter the key’. The key will be available on the registered email ID where the original purchase has been made. When this key is entered, it will activate the app and starts its work of monitoring the text messages.

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Why choose NEXSPY for monitoring texts

Now you would be clear about how to hack any mobile number call and sms details. There are many applications like NEXSPY that offers the best features as follows:


NEXSPY is available for different versions and operating systems. Hence whatever the device you are using, you need to download the respective package and install on the device for monitoring.



The important feature of the application to monitor the other person’s texts without target phone is its invisibility feature. Once the app is installed, the app will be running hidden and hence the user of the target device will have no idea of being monitored.

No rooting required

The rooting is not required for monitoring the text messages of target phones. This is because most of these spying applications can work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. This makes it easy for the users to just download, install, and start monitoring the text messages of a device.


Spying on other apps

Not only text messages, but the apps also allow you to spy on different apps like other social media apps, call logs, gallery, and GPS location. Hence most of these apps are multi-functional as they can spy on different elements of a smartphone.

Now you will get a detailed idea on how to hack text messages without target phone. The application is useful for parents who wish to monitor their kid’s conversation with strangers.

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Also, it is used by employers to check on the activity of their employees. Though there is a debate whether these are legal or illegal, it is useful to find the activity or location of a phone at times of emergency.

NEXSPY is easy to download and install which also makes it a better app to spy on target phone. It has an easy interface which helps the users to have great spying on other target devices.

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