How To Hack Anyone’s Phone With Just Their Number?

For most people, hacking a phone sounds amazing and something straight from some sci-fi movie. While it is possible to hack a phone theoretically, it’s not something very easy to do. It requires serious skill, advanced coding knowledge, and lots of patience.

Now, what if somebody tells you that you can hack a phone with just the number of the same – would you believe it? You better do, because today in this article, I’m going to give you a demo or an in-depth explanation of how can hackers hack your Android phone, and how can someone gain access to your smartphone if he or she knows your phone number. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

I have my Android phone, which I’ll use as an example to explain to you the process. If you want to know about iPhones, then you’ll have to check out my other articles on this site. What I’m going to do here is I’ll hack into my own Android phone from my laptop.

Now, let’s assume that I don’t have physical access to my phone, and I only know its number. So, basically with just the phone number, I can connect with my phone by only two ways – either making a call or sending a message. There’s no way you can hack a phone just by calling it (or I don’t know even if it’s possible somehow), so there’s only one thing left which is sending an SMS to the phone.

I’m going to send an SMS to myself, and I’ll tell you what can happen if I open that SMS and what all the hacker can do by just sending an SMS. So, let’s see how it happens.

Here I got my smartphone with me, and I already sent a message to myself, which is already received. Now, let me open the message, and the message says dear customer, get 5GB free data for your number by T-Mobile. I do use a T-Mobile, so this message makes sense to me because obviously, I use a T-Mobile sim and if I get a message like this and then obviously I will be thinking it is from the T-Mobile company and I have some offer for my T-Mobile number.

Now, I’ll open the link and you could also notice here that there is no mobile number for this message, it came from something like a commercial sender and usually that is how messages come from companies. Hence, there are high chances that you will actually believe this that you would be getting 5 GB data from for your phone service company. The message is also asking me to download the T-Mobile app, which is an official app, so obviously I’ll have no problem downloading that app.

  • As the app is downloaded and installed, now let me go ahead and open it, and it is asking for some permissions. All these permissions are like the official T-Mobile app, and all these permissions are required – so it’s nothing suspicious, and it’s not any malicious app, right?
  • Well, you’re wrong, because this is a malicious app. Let us switch to the hacker’s point of view and see what he can do when you install this app. The hacker on his side actually has an MSF console opened up on his device, and he’s actually listening to a host and the particular port number.
  • The app which I downloaded by clicking on the link from the SMS is nothing but the payload of the hacker which is attached with the official T-Mobile apk so that it doesn’t look suspicious.
  • Therefore, whenever I open the app, the payload which is included in that app is going to start a TCP connection to the hacker’s device or to the hacker’s server. And when it happens, the hacker will then have full access to the victim’s smartphone.
  • Once the reverse TCP connection is established, the hacker can now start executing commands which will reflect on the affected Android phone. For example, I can download all the messages on the compromised phone to my computer with a simple command, and in the same way, I can even download the call log, or any file existing on the phone to my computer.
  • I can also locate the device by getting the exact latitude and longitude position of the same using the GPS data. And the most exciting thing of all is I can actually send an SMS from the compromised phone – so this means even without the owner of the phone knowing, I can send an SMS from their phone, it’s as simple as that.

So, you know how easy it is for anyone to get access to your Android phone by just sending a simple SMS. I hope that you’ll be careful next time because whenever you receive an SMS asking you to download some app or visit a website – think once before doing it and make sure that the message is coming from a valid sender and not from a hacker. You should not download any app from any third-party site, and if you really want to install an app, use only Google Play Store to be on the safer side.