How to Hack a Samsung Phone Without Physical Access?

In today’s world, keeping a track on loved ones or employees at work has become a necessity. The advancement in technology has led to people getting distracted with their phones, hampering their studies or work.

Thankfully, this article will throw light on how to track an Android phone remotely with NEXSPY. And with Samsung being one of the most popular brands among Android phones, the below Samsung phone hacks will leave parents and employers satisfied to the core.

How to remotely hack a Samsung phone?

NEXSPY has emerged to be one of the leading phone-hacking applications for Samsung/Android phones. With NEXSPY, parents need not worry about where their children are or whom they are chatting with by learning some Samsung hacks.


In the same way, employers can also keep a tab on their employees by knowing the amount of time they spend on the internet or phone calls. And all this without the knowledge of the children and employees!

But while it is not recommended to use hacking apps for other personal purposes, it is advisable to let the other party know to avoid complications in the future.

Features of NEXSPY

In order to remotely hack a phone, it is best to know about the features of the NEXSPY app before deciding on installing it. Read below to see what NEXSPY has in store for those in need of some Samsung phone hacks.

Get full access anywhere

The best thing about this Samsung phone hacking app is that you can get access to the target phone from any part of the world. With just a secure internet connection, parents can keep a tab on their children right from their phones, laptops, or computers.


Invisible mode

NEXSPY will help in remotely hacking a Samsung phone without the target’s knowledge. What’s more, you can also update, deactivate or uninstall NEXSPY. If the need arises, you can also restart the target Samsung phone without any problem.

Access to browser history

See what the target is up to by getting access to the browser history of the target phone. This will ensure that the child or employer is not getting access to malicious content or confidential files. The user can also get access to bookmarks and the connected networks on the phone, making the monitoring procedure smooth and easy.

Access to social media

Once the installation of the NEXSPY is complete on the Samsung phone, you will have access to the target’s social media accounts. From popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to Messenger, NEXSPY will help in monitoring messages that are sent or received on the Samsung phone. This will help parents in monitoring their kids and making sure that they do not fall prey to hackers or people with malicious intent.

NEXSPY dashboard

Access to email and messages

With NEXSPY, you can get access to the Samsung phone’s browser history, email, and even messages. You can also hack text messages without access to the target phone. This way, you can monitor the incoming as well as outgoing messages and e-mails on the target phone.

One of the best features of NEXSPY is that you can also flag certain keywords on the target phone. This means that the system will automatically inform the account holder whenever a particular keyword pops up.

Access to call log

Another interesting feature of NEXSPY is that you can access the call log of the target Samsung phone. This will help in monitoring the amount of time spent on phone calls.

Track the target phone

NEXSPY will also help in letting parents or employers know where their wards or employees are with its GPS tracking. What’s impressive is that even if the location of the target’s phone is turned off, NEXSPY will still be able to track the target phone! This feature will help, especially parents, to keep track of their wards and ensure their safety.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Installing NEXSPY

Installing NEXSPY is easy, all you will need is an internet connection, access to the target Samsung phone and a Premium NEXSPY account.

To get a Premium account, go to the NEXSPY website and choose one of the many plans that fall within the desired budget.

Access to the login credentials as well as installation instructions will be only through email. Therefore, it is essential to use a valid email address while purchasing a Premium account.

After purchasing a Premium NEXSPY account, the next step is to install NEXSPY on the target Samsung phone.

On acquiring the Samsung phone, you need to, first of all, turn off options for security settings on the phone. To do this, simply go to ‘Google settings,’ tap on ‘Security’ and then choose the ‘Verify Apps’ option.

Now, go to the ‘Settings’ option, choose the ‘Lock Screen and Security’ option and from there, turn on the ‘Unknown sources’ option. Doing this will allow the user to install apps on the target Samsung phone without having to download from Google Store.

Now, download NEXSPY and follow the instructions in the email for installation. It is essential to enter the license key to complete the installation of NEXSPY on the Samsung phone.


Last but not least, you should remember to erase the browser history as well as download history from the target phone.

Now that the installation process of NEXSPY is over, you can access the target Samsung phone with their NEXSPY account.

Simply log in to your NEXSPY account and get access to the target phone’s data on the NEXSPY dashboard. From here, take charge and see what children and employees are up to by monitoring their daily activities.

There are several apps available online when it comes to parental control apps. However, if you want to know how to hack a Samsung phone remotely, NEXSPY can be one of the best choices. It is easy to install, affordable, and its well-compiled dashboard will allow easy monitoring from anywhere around the world!

How to Hack Mobile Phones with Computers?

Whenever we think of “hacking,” we almost always assume it’s about computers. The phone is something we don’t associate with a term like hacking most of the time. And the reason is probably its least customization option and the high chance of bricking if something goes wrong.

Here we are talking about Android mainly, as it’s the dominant smartphone OS in the market and millions of miles ahead from its closest rival, iOS. A PC is always cheaper than today’s smartphone (depending on the hardware specification, of course) in terms of usability; also the operating systems it runs such as Windows and Linux are the most versatile OS solutions with an abundance of software options available for every single job.


Moreover, bricking a pc is something we very rarely hear, even in those cases, replacing a faulty hard drive (or another defective part) is all it takes to make it alive again in no time. On the other hand, replacing damaged internal components of an Android is an almost non-existent territory.

However, things are changing rapidly in the last few years, people who experiment with their smartphones are not only geeks but mostly curious youngsters. They do not feel afraid to unlock the bootloader, try various custom ROMs, and install many supposedly risky apps on their phones anymore.

Replacing defective internal parts is still something we yet to see happening, but with the introduction of a vast selection of affordable Android phones in mid and budget range segments seems to be making people less worried about bricking their phones. Android as an OS has grown so much in the last few years in terms of advanced development, hacking an Android is not considered a bizarre idea anymore.


Plenty of ways available today by which you can hack an Android, and no, you don’t have to be a coder or developer. Simple solutions like installing an app and forget to hack a phone is no longer a distant dream, it’s possible right now – and yes, for free.

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Today, we will discuss such a no-fuss method to hack an Android device to get full control of it in a step-by-step manner. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

How to hack android phone remotely using AndroRAT?

The full form of the term AndroRAT is Android Remote Administration Tool. So what is this? This is a software using which you can take control of an Android phone, read SMS, get the call history, use the camera, download its storage, trace the device location, and more – remotely while sitting in another place (maybe in another part of the world, no problem at all).


If you’re a parent, you can monitor your children, can check what files they stored in their phone, what messages they receive or send, and who the people they talk to. So, it’s a very beneficial tool if used by the right people with the right intention. Now, let’s see how it works.

Step-by-Step to hack android phone

Firstly, you have to open a website www.noip[dot]com and make an account there. Creating an account there is pretty simple, just like any other site, you have to put your email, the username (hostname), password, and submit, and it’s done.

Once you’ve successfully created the account, please log in to the site – and you’ll be landed on the account dashboard. At the left-hand side menu, click on Dynamic DNS > Hostnames, then click on the “Add Hostname” button. A pop-up window will open, put anything on the hostname field, and choose any free domain from the right side drop-down list. Do not touch the IP address field, and just click Add Hostname.

Now, check on the left side menu again, click Dynamic Update Client, and you’ll be redirected to the download page. Click on the big orange button named Download, and the client will start downloading.

So, what this client do? Usually, home internet comes with dynamic IP addresses. This client, once installed on your pc, will provide a fixed domain to deal with the everchanging dynamic IP addresses to make it static. This client is essential for AndroRAT to work.


Now, it’s time to set up the client on your PC. First, install the client and open it, you’ll have to put your login credentials to sign in to the client – and a pop-up will appear where you’ll see the hostname you’ve created on noip account, just select it, and click the save button. Here the noip client setup has been done.

This is the first part of our tutorial, continue to the final part here. This is one of a kind guide that will tell you how to hack an Android device absolutely free.

There are plenty of free apps available on the internet, but most of them are just virus and malicious programs, on the other hand, legit premium apps often cost a hefty monthly subscription fee.

How to hack android phone using another android phone

If you’re looking for a premium app with many advanced features that is not available with AndroRAT, you can check on NEXSPY ( This is probably the most feature-rich app and costs less than most of the other spy apps.

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