Best 2 Apps to Intercept Text Messages from Another Phone


Most people dream about having a text message interceptor app on their hands, and it is now possible to intercept text messages without the target phone. Text message interceptor apps have been making an appearance since recent years, and parents usually use these apps for tracking the activities of their children. Most of Android spy apps like NEXSPY and mSpy are legalized, and for some certain purposes only.


You can now get yourself a text message interceptor from Google or Apple Store. These apps are also on third-party seller app stores. They also offer extra features such as location tracking, monitoring activities of the phone and app monitoring. And even quick alerts when the target’s phone is receiving phone calls or video calls.

Spying apps without the target phone were primarily made for parents to keep their underage children under surveillance and for safety. Nowadays, most kids have access to cell phones. Although many apps or social media platforms provide security for kids and parental control, spam calls and messages can have a negative impact on the child. Since most parents do not feel safe to leave a child alone without a phone, these legal laws allow the use of monitoring apps for such purposes.


Spy apps such as NEXSPY or mSpy require users to own the target cell phone officially. In case, any user is found illegally using the app for other purposes, and they can be prosecuted severely. These apps are also made legal for employers around the world to monitor the workers under some conditions. However, every state has different regulations about using the spy app.

Intercept text messages without the targets phone

Intercepting text messages became popular recently in colleges and schools. Remotely controlling the target phone among friends and roommates became famous pranks, however tracking the phone became a very common FAQ on the internet.

Although it can be considered illegal, young people playing around with the app had no idea about breaching privacy. The plan to intercept text messages without the target phone became a demand among the older adults having concerns about the security of their family.


People have been wondering how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing. App developments like NEXSPY and mSpy attracted lots of attention, and these apps have been providing surveillance services legally.

However, tracking and intercepting messages legally comes with some conditions for use. If your reasons do not meet the criteria for eligibility, it can be considered as a crime.

You cannot track someone’s phone without their consent. However, with the permission of the authority and necessity, you can have a fully functioning app that will help you read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

Best 2 text message interceptor apps


NEXSPY offers a diverse capability to monitor phones. It is useful, especially when concerned parents are worried about their children. You can use the app to view the target’s phone activities fully; the app offers excellent service with full control over the target phone. The smart monitoring app is capable of everything such as record calls, view call logs, view phone galleries, monitor apps and lots more.

Specifically, NEXSPY offers the most of what it claims to be capable. The target phone user will not notice that the phone is under surveillance. The next generation spying app is built to deliver all the demands and requirements needed to keep the target’s phone under watch.


The key features of NEXSPY

  • Alerts on the target’s phone activity
  • Receive a notification when the target receives phone calls or videos calls
  • View all activities of the phone such as apps and browsing history
  • Delete messages or send messages
  • Take screenshots to see the live activity of the target’s phone
  • It supports all types of popular messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Twitter, etc.
  • View contacts and call logs
  • Take pictures or record videos
  • Remotely control the phone
  • Track a cell phone location
  • Compatible with most phones

Easily intercept text messages without the target phone with NEXSPY, the app also allows users to monitor through their exclusive ‘Portal Viewer’ app. It is important to note that some features may need rooting or jailbreak to unlock the features of the app fully.

You can still use the basic features with non-rooted Android phone. The data is fully encrypted for secure surveillance, fully access the target phone anywhere with ease. NEXSPY is recommended for any devices, and it runs flawlessly on all devices.


mSpy is a perfect SMS Spy app. mSpy offers more than basic surveillance; it includes all the needs for monitoring phones.

Either you are using it for keeping your children under watch or making sure your employees are doing their work up to their potential. You can watch the activities of the target phone anytime, login and easily view them with any web browser.

You can monitor phones without rooting or jailbreak. Easily track the phone in real-time with 100% secure encrypted privacy protection. It supports most of the brands like Apple, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung, etc.


Main features of mSpy 

  • Track call logs, Emails, and social apps
  • Remotely control and monitor
  • Track locations
  • Browse gallery
  • Take screenshots
  • Monitor activities without being detected
  • View browser and history

mSpy is preferred by many employers around the world and trusted by thousands of parents across the globe. The iPhone spy app offers more than 100+ features; it is perfectly optimized to run seamlessly on any device.

You can easily install the app on the target’s phone and start monitoring anywhere in real-time. Any devices capable of running a web browser can be used to monitor the activities of the phone.

Keep yourself away from worries. Now, as you know how to intercept text messages from another phone, register and login to any of your favorite app and monitor right away, observe and keep calm, these apps keep will your children safe with 24/7 surveillance.